Recently I cleared the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate exam. While the memory is still fresh, I would like to share my journey.

This is the notes I took during my preparation and the Github Repo.

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Who am I?

I had a little experience on AWS like managing the VPS with application layer and database layer, configuring the security group, Route53 and S3.

I cleared the exam on December 11, 2020 on my first attempt.

You should know…

Applicable for Ubuntu 20.04 and its derivatives.

Creating a IAM User

  • IAM user name
  • Access Key ID
  • Secret Access Key

You can download a csv file with these information provided by the AWS after creation of IAM user.

Install AWS CLI in Local Machine

Install AWS CLI

Install curl if it is not install in your machine. Also, you can use wget the default and preinstalled download manager for Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install curl

Download the AWS installation file

curl "" -o ""

Go to…

Exploring the biggest khum in BD.




Reached koschoptoli in 2 hours. Get prepared for the trakking. In 1 hour in very easy trekking, we reached Debotakhum.

This article implementation applicable for Ubuntu 20.04 with Gnome Desktop Environment

Last week I installed ubuntu on my desktop machine. My monitor can handle a resolution of 1920x1080 with a 60hz refresh rate.

After installing the distro, I checked the display section, and the resolution for 1920x1080 is not listed in the drop-down list.

So I follow the following steps.

Step 1: Created a new resolution mode using

cvt 1920 1080

This calculates the resolution which is required for creating a new resolution mode. You can use the refresh rate as the 3rd parameter.

Step 2: Create a resolution mode

Easier than you think.

Amazon S3 can be used to host a static website. Let’s walk through these simple processes.

Required Bucket Configuration

Following properties is required to make a s3-bucket to host a static site

  • Enable Static Site Hosting
  • Need public access to the bucket along with the objects
  • A bucket policy to enable Get Object permission
  • Bucket name should be the same as a domain name

We will walk through the following steps to match with all the required configurations.

Step 01: Create a Bucket

  • Go to AWS Console and open S3 service
  • Create a bucket and Uncheck Public Access
  • Bucket name should be the same…

It was a plan B. Since our primary plan to go to Tanguar haor cancelled, we made a sudden plan to visit Sitakundu.

This time we find a group who were planning to trek on jhorjhori trail and Guliakhali sea beach.

We start our journey from Dhaka at night. Around 3 pm we reached feni and wait for daylight. Also, we had our breakfast there.

We reach to sitakundu around 6 PM with local transport and start trekking.

Till now, for me, it is the longest trail in sitakundu. …

We started our journey from Uttara, Dhaka. We reserved a Nissan coster for 24 team members.

We reached sitakundu morning at 6am. Had our breakfast in a local restaurant and prepare for the trekking.

Sonaichori trail is wilder among other tails in sitakundu. It took for us almost 2 hours to reach the end.

On our way, there was a Bat Cave. It was scary but enjoyable.

We started our journey from Dhaka on 15th December. 16th December was Victory day, take the vacation of 17th December and the next two days were weekend. It becomes a 4 days tour.

We plan to summit both Tajingdong and Dotong as soon as possible and spare the rest of the time in the kingdom of Khums.

We leave Dhaka on 15th December night with a reserve bus. Two teams were there. One was us and another was for summitting the yogi and yotlang.

We reach Bandarban morning at 6 am and with a jeep went to Thansi around 10…

This was the first time I joined a travel group. The advantage is you just book the tour. All the plan is organized by the agency.



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A lifelong learner. Love to travel, listen to music, and hang out with friends. I believe in simplicity and peace.

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