Solo Travellers Diary: JhorJhori Trail And Guliakhali Sea Beach

It was a plan B. Since our primary plan to go to Tanguar haor cancelled, we made a sudden plan to visit Sitakundu.

This time we find a group who were planning to trek on jhorjhori trail and Guliakhali sea beach.

We start our journey from Dhaka at night. Around 3 pm we reached feni and wait for daylight. Also, we had our breakfast there.

We reach to sitakundu around 6 PM with local transport and start trekking.

Till now, for me, it is the longest trail in sitakundu. It took 4 hours to reach the end and 5 hours to return.

On our way, we went through the jhorjhori waterfall. At the end of the trail, we find the murti waterfall.

At the evening, we went to the guliakhali sea beach. Had our dinner and take rest.

Return Dhaka next day morning.

Please keep the area clean while travelling.

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