Solo Travellers Diary: Kingdom of Khums

Sat Vai Khum

Dotong Para

From Tajingdong, we come to Dotong para. Here we stay at the village head house.

The next day start our journey towards Thuisa para. On the way to Thuisa para, we went through velakhum, sat-vai-khum and amiakhum and debota pahar.

Velakhum & Sat-vai-khum

After 2 days we reach somewhere with enough water, waterfalls, and cascades. Big rocks were here and there.

To much refreshment for all of us. Unfortunately, there were no vela (boat, made of bamboo) there. The sat-vai-khum was almost 1KM. So we built 2 vela with the help of locals and pass the sat-vai-khum. Each time 4–5 people can pass through and took almost 1 hour. When we reach the amiakhum it was almost evening.

Amiakhum and Debota Pahar

The look of amiakhum during the evening was heaven. We hurried to pass the debota pahar. After 10 minutes of climbing the debota pahar the light gone.

Again night hiking and fortunately all of us was okay.

We reached the Thuisa para at around 8pm.


We stay the night at Thuisa para and start for Nafakhum. Since it was a govt. holiday, a lot of people were at the Nafakhum. Spent 20 minutes there and move towards the Remacri.

Remacri & Sangu River

This day all the roads were plain. In two hours, we reached the Remacri.

We found the mighty Sangu river. Take a bath.

From Remacri we reserved a boat to return to the Thansi.

This boat journey was too memorable. Due to under-river-rock, only 4 persons can ride a single boat.

The skilled boatman moves the boat around the big rocks.

We also pass the famous King Rock and Tindu bazar.

After 1.30 hours, we reach the Thansi bazar.

Please keep the area clean while traveling.

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